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Craving for Success ft. Nesha

This story is about a 20-year-old student currently studying a diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language (DTESL) while pursuing her business in the FNB industry. Introducing Fakrunnesha bt Zolkifli or better known as Nesha. Born and raised in Klang, Selangor, Nesha had always been an ardently active person. Always setting goals for herself, making sure she achieves her targets and trying out new things with the ambition of travelling the world.

Nesha tells us, “I love to try out new things and explore the world. I believe that by learning new things, I will be able to get the opportunity for unique experiences which always gives me great pleasure.”

This student’s journey at MSU began in 2019 with her deciding to pursue an education towards educating. The vision she had was clear, she wanted to guide as many students as she possibly could, ensuring them that they will be able to practice English as their second language on a daily basis.

She states “I am very ambitious when it comes to bringing changes to a student’s life as I noticed that a lot of them are struggling to communicate with the English language. Hence, I ought to play my part as a future educator to help students overcome this problem.

With her dedication towards learning new languages, Nesha is also fluent in Mandarin.

Besides pursuing a future in the education realm, Nesha also has a foot in the FnB industry. After gaining the inspiration to start selling her baked goods online from her family and friends, she started her own business @NeshaBakes!

“My first experience in baking was when I was 12. I enjoyed helping my mother bake especially during the festive season of Hari Raya. I learned a lot from my mother as she is a great cook.”

“Since then, I started to look for recipes and practiced baking from time to time. It took me a while, but I had finally found my way of achieving my target. I use Instagram as my main platform to promote my products and to gain a bigger audience.” she says.

Nesha Bakes provides various homemade cakes and desserts for everyone. Here are some of them!

Nesha tells us that baking has been a therapeutic process for her and helps her boost her creativity at the same time. And it seems to be working as she has been getting a lot of customers all around campus.

MSU students are Nesha’s targeted audience. She wants students to be able to enjoy her products before or after class. (and maybe even during class who knows)

However, the MCO strikes again. The business had been affected massively as students are no longer on campus. Nonetheless, Nesha keeps her head up, “Nesha Bakes has lost a huge number of customers being the MSU students, but I had to take the initiative to find different audiences by working harder with my marketing.”

It is without a doubt that Nesha is grateful for the platform given to her by MSU. “I have to say that MSU really helped me achieve my goal for Nesha Bakes. Coping with my business and my studies have not been much of a problem for me since my main target was MSU students. They were all really supportive and I can’t thank them enough.”