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Medical & Arts by Adina Yasmin Binti Mohd Jafri

Growing up, I have always enjoyed arts and all things creative. I discovered drawing and painting as immersive and satisfying hobbies at a young age. I loved seeing how the colours blend and formed shapes that triggers my interest as if they are dancing on paper.

Initially, I only did arts for fun. But my family, especially my father was keen on turning my hobby into a business. I was inspired when friends and strangers noticed my art and said that they are willing to pay for my artwork. It really pushed me to start my own business.

Now, I own a small boutique business that I built with the full support from my family. I designed wedding dresses, scarves, hand drawn batik, and flower arrangements for my customers. I have been doing so since 2011. Besides that, I also do commissioned digital artworks on portraits, landscape, and business logo that I advertise on Instagram @adinayasmin_ and @nisayasmincreations.

My journey as a MSU student starts with me taking Bachelor of Medical Sciences (BMS). During my studies in BMS, I was exposed with Personal Enrichment Competencies (PEC) programme by MSU. PEC allows students to learn more than just their chosen field, and creates an interdisciplinary environment to work and develop in. PEC had become a big factor in enhancing my entrepreneurship to the next level.

After I graduated my Bachelor of Medical Sciences (BMS), I pursued my MBBS in MSU. People might assume that by being a medical student, we always see things in black and white. We can sometimes also be too analytical. Well, I agree! However, whilst studying, I found the odd connection between medicine and arts.

I love doing artworks as much as I love studying medicine! Arts and medicine seem to be a challenging relationship. But doing both is something that makes me breathe with a different kind of happiness. It just depends on how much time I devote myself to it. It is all about time management. I will not have time to devote the hours to my artworks, but that doesn’t mean I won’t have any. To me, medicine is an art itself. I am surprised at just how fulfilling it has been for me.

To be involved in entrepreneurship, we must believe in ourselves and our abilities. There have been times when I let my excuses and fear of the unknown get the best of me. But those fears did not stop me from trying whene I was given the opportunity to bring my talent forward. Indeed, “life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all!”

Adina Yasmin Binti Mohd Jafri
Alumni of Bachelor of Medical Sciences
MBBS Year 3