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Story of a Frontliner

Dr. Za'im Hareez Bin Dr. Zuli'zam, an MSU class of 2019 alumnus, served as President of the International Medical School Association (IMSA) for three terms (2015-2018). The MSU River Revival: River Restoration Project, Malaysia Book of Record for the Largest Number of Mudball Throwing event was his most significant achievement. During the 26th MSU Convocation Ceremony, he received the Industrial Award.

He is currently a House Officer (HO) at Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah in Klang, Selangor, which is one of Malaysia's busiest hospitals (HTAR). Dr. Zaim helped the community during the COVID -19 outbreak by ensuring that all affected patients received proper care. He also had the opportunity to volunteer for a month at Pusat Kuarantin Dan Rawatan Bersatu (PKRC) in MAEPS. As a result of his experiences, he is regarded as one of the doctors who makes nice gestures toward his patients.

His MSU learning experiences have developed him into a well-rounded man in terms of knowledge and soft skills, both of which are critical in reaching out to the community, particularly in this pandemic period. By placing himself in their position and practising empathy and sympathy, he developed the soft skills needed to mingle within the communities.

His perseverance and positive attitude in the workplace are a result of his active participation in university. It enhances the physical and mental capacities to overcome insurmountable challenges.

Keep in mind that in this new normal, we must always follow SOP, wear masks, and stay safe at all times.

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