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Fun To Fight For!

Humankind and passion are inextricably linked, primarily when the burning desire extends further than the sky. Grit is frequently required to fuel one's fixation on the way to achievement. Athletes, in general, have always gone above and beyond to construct a path out of their reoccurring barriers.

Muhammad Syafiq Izwan and Mohammad Haikal Khairi resisted the impulse to give up. By bringing home silver medals for Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya, the duo won a significant triumph in a bowling tournament for the 44th National & Interstate Championship 2022. They competed against national team players in the men's category (over 21 years old). Their accomplishment deserves to be recognised for their hard work and success.

The three-day bowling tournament had been a colossal yet unforecastable experience for this Putrajaya state representative duo. Syafiq and Haikal have been playing bowling since they were young. However, the former has played in interstate tournaments for the past six years, while the latter has just marked his debut in this annual competition.

Bowling, like any other sport, is not an effortless match. It is, in reality, as intellectually and physically exhausting as football, badminton, or any other sport. The seemingly insurmountable obstacles were placed in their path, but they found their way back to the exact purpose of the predicament: to show themselves that they are deserving of success.

"Although we had been practising for a month before the tournament, we were still concerned about how we would ace it and bring back a medal since we were fighting against the national players," said the 19th Sukma Games (Sukan Malaysia 2018) Melaka state representative, Syafiq.

Individual, pair, and team (consisting of four players) bouts were held on the first, second, and third days of the competition, respectively.

Many people may forget the fact that purchasing or training for bowling under professional and adequate supervision is not cost-effective. The pair had to spend tens of thousands of ringgits every month on expenditures such as training and equipment.

“My parents have spent about RM20,000 on bowling equipment over the last 22 years. The urge to give up often was just too strong, but since my parents forked out so much money all the years, I was determined to give my best shot," said Haikal, who won a gold medal for MSU in MASISWA 2018, under the doubles category.

Their family was extremely influential in their pursuits. They provided unwavering support, which any athlete expects from their family.

"Do not give up at any cost, for you never know what the future has in store for us. Keep on playing until you are satisfied with yourself.” "Our lecturers have also been a great support. They understood the intensity and significance of this tournament. Because our tournament fell during this assignment submission week, we were given the option of submitting our assignments after the tournament."

‘We would like bowling to be recognised and other sports. We hope more MSUrians will extend their support and interest by bringing bowling to a subsequent level, as this is such a worthy sport to be explored by anyone," said the duo.

The dyad’s thoughts on this subject are worth considering.

"Always maintain a humble demeanour; never be conceited. Failure and barriers are unavoidable in everyone's life. Whatever the case may be, never give up. Not even an ounce. Continue to pursue your ambition as far as it will take you."

Syafiq and Haikal are currently pursuing their Diploma in Event Management (DEM), a two-and-a-half-year career-focused, industry-developed programme of MSU’s School of Hospitality and Creative Arts (SHCA). The Sabah Open, Sarawak Open, and All Star are among the upcoming tournaments for these duos.