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Industrial Visit Tips by Shanita Saravanan

I recently went on my first-ever Industrial visit to Sinar Harian during my final week of internship. It was a fantastic experience but at the same time I felt very anxious throughout the trip. For those who do get to go for an industrial visit you’ll have an amazing time meeting incredible people and experiencing what a day in their life looks like.
  1. Ask questions!

    They’ve probably prepared a great amount of answers just for you. They want YOU to ask the questions so that they can tell you their experiences. They appreciate your curiosity!

  2. Keep a notebook with you.

    If you’re a pro who can bib-bi-ti-bob-bit-ti-boo questions on the spot then there’s no problem, if you can’t, bring along a notebook and note down things you might want to ask them. Nervousness tends to get the better of us and we become completely blank when it’s the time to ask questions.

  3. Don’t be afraid to interact with them.

    They know exactly how you must feel (as they were also an intern just like you!) but they need you to make the first move so that you gain that experience of initiating a conversation with others.

  4. Keep brochures, business cards and phone numbers.

    A great way to initiate a collaboration for an event between that industry and your university. You may also have inquiries regarding an internship or a job vacancy.

  5. Absorb as much as possible.

    Note down things you want to improve after going for your industrial visit. Where you think you are lacking, sharpen it with your newfound knowledge.

That's all! I hope you find these suggestions beneficial, and I wish everyone the best of luck in your future undertakings. Until then.

Shanita Saravanan.
Diploma in Public Relations and Entertainment Management.