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A Day As An Archaeologist

This program is an invitational program by the Sungai Batu Ancked Association aimed at giving exposure to students about the history of Old Kedah through the Sungai Batu archaeological complex located in the Bujang Valley of Kedah.

A briefing session on archaeological sites by Prof Dato Dr Mokhtar Saidin as the Director of the Global Archaeological Research Centre. He explained that all these findings prove that the people in Sungai Batu who existed around 535 BC have high skills which they have the technology to smelt iron and export iron ingots. If the discovery at Sungai Batu Complex is recognized by Unesco, it will facilitate efforts to conserve the country's heritage because more international funds will be obtained.

After that, the students visited the iron smelting and brick making site. Accordingly, the students were able to do hands-on excavation activities, which is a method of digging artifacts at the archaeological site. According to the students of Putera Lukmanul Hakim Bin Mohd Sharizal from Diploma in Graphic Design said with this visit, he was able to gain knowledge about the process of iron smelting by the Old Kedah government in the past and was able to see for himself the place where iron was smelted, and brick made with the technology of the ancients.