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Fun Approach to Learning

Including students in the learning process improves their concentration and focus and encourages them to use more sophisticated critical thinking. At MSU, we use a student-centered approach to education to expand chances for student interaction, which helps everyone achieve the course's learning objectives more successfully.

Check out what they’re up to recently:

International Kite Festival by MSU College Johor Bahru

Students from the School of Education and Social Sciences organised a gathering in Taman Bukit Layang-Layang Pasir Gudang. The chosen venue is a well-known kite festival platform since the Pasir Gudang Municipal Council (MPPG), in collaboration with the Johor Tourism Department, the Johor Art and Culture Department, and the Johor Kite Association, hosts the Pasir Gudang World Kite Festival every year.

With this event, students will be introduced to the vibrant and proud nature of traditional Malaysian kites, allowing them to feel the spirit of Malaysia. In this scenario, students were completely absorbed in the event and desired to raise the kite higher. This experience taught them that "we need others to help us, lift us, keep us flying, and keep our ties strong, just like a kite."

Adventure Camp by MSU College Ipoh

Adventure Camp was an event organised by the Kembara Club hosted at Gopeng's Rock Garden Resort. The major activities include treasure hunting and caving in the Gua Kandu. This adventure camp allows students to de-stress while simultaneously building teamwork and communication skills. Aside from that, this programme has built and increased knowledge about camp survival in the face of any challenges.

’Skor A Molek’ by MSU College Terengganu
The 'Skor A Molek' programme is a collaboration between Molek FM and MSU College Terengganu to help students prepare for the SPM 2022 exam. Mek Zura, Fizie, and DJ Nazz are among the radio hosts involved.

This one-day workshop is divided into two parts, one for the math teacher and one for the English teacher. The programme also includes a discussion on 'Work VS Career' with radio host Molek FM. They discuss their academic experiences and inspire students to pursue their studies at a higher level.