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Road to Sustainability

Glewak Giving MSUC Kota Bharu

This is a Giga Mentoring programme designed to support SDG 02 (zero hunger). Four gas stations in Kelantan have joined forces to support this scheme. Petronas Pasir Pekan Hilir, Petronas Pasir Pekan, Petronas Jalan Bayam and Shell Lundang are among the selected petrol stations. The program's goal is to provide free food to chosen petrol station customers while also assisting the community in reducing their burden.


It is one of the teamwork training courses that the staff and students of MSU College Shah Alam participate in. The major objective of this initiative is to expose pupils to the importance of preserving nature and its irreplaceable natural resources.

Hiking and a community engagement programme that involved delivering donations to the Orang Asli residence in Sungai Tua as well as MOU conversations with Gibs for future collaboration projects were among the activities completed throughout the event.

SDG Challenge by MSU College Sabah

The main objective of this program is to expose students to the importance of protecting the environment, especially mangrove swamps. In this program, the participants have gone through the challenge of collecting garbage that is at the bottom of the sharp and somewhat dangerous mangrove roots in addition to slippery and muddy areas. In this activity, the students have successfully collected 64.5 kilograms of garbage.