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#StudentSays featuring Sangeeta

Hello, everyone!

My name is Sangeeta Kunasakaram and I am a third-year Bachelor of Pharmacy student. My life appears to be exciting. I work as a full-time pharmacy assistant while also acting on the side. The government offered me the opportunity to pursue my Bachelor of Pharmacy studies at Management & Science University.

Isn't life picture-perfect? Yet, reality isn't always a storybook. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition. Since then, my life has been awful. The pain and struggle worsened as the years passed. I was terrified about continuing my education. I had a million questions and concerns. I entered MSU with reluctance.

MSU's professors astounded me. I am really grateful to be studying at one of the greatest universities. I am fortunate to have understanding professors. I skip classes on occasion owing to health issues. They are willing to teach and guide me. When I text them about my studies, they respond instantly. They will explain until I grasp the chapter completely.

It is difficult to study while dealing with an autoimmune condition. I have those extremely horrible days where I can't keep up with my academics. Not everyone understands my struggle and pain, but I am grateful that my MSU lecturers do. I no longer fear studying because my lectures are my rock-solid foundation for passing with flying colours. I hope this inspires you to pursue your dreams. Life is difficult, but nothing is impossible.