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Welcome back!

MSU Learning Centre (MSU LC) KL Central had a successful welcome back student program at level 3 MSU LC. With the theme of welcome back MSU LC students to campus, attended by full-time and full-time weekend (ftw) students. They are from Diploma in Management, Diploma in Graphic Design, Diploma in Human Capital Management, Bachelor in Graphic Design, Bachelor in International Business, Bachelor in Accounting, and science computer certificates.

Students went through 4 sections to complete the registration process, where students will receive a stamp for all section. The first section is the registration counter for attendance purposes as well as the account and finance counter to find out the status of student accounts. Students who want to pay tuition fees are allowed to do so in addition to making it easier for students to know the remaining fees that need to be paid. Next, the students do a one-on-one consultation with the mentor. Here, students will know the academic pathway, the subjects to be taken and registered, the results of the last semester, in addition to getting advice from mentors about academics. Students also receive custom souvenirs from mentors as a sign of appreciation. The last counter is a counter with Student Career Development officers. Students sign up for clubs for extracurricular activities, as well as receive information about Jejak Garuda, a Global Leadership Program (GLP) program that will be held in July.

Some refreshments are prepared for students while waiting for their turn, as well as a movie room and indoor games to enliven the atmosphere. It is hoped that through this program, students will know more about the status of the student's account and academics to avoid any problems in the future. Through this way too, students will know the right channel as a reference as well as a good welcome spirit to all students.