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Fun Approach to Learning

Including students in the learning process improves their concentration and focus and encourages them to use more sophisticated critical thinking. At MSU, we use a student-centered approach to education to expand chances for student interaction, which helps everyone achieve the course's learning objectives more successfully.

Check out what they’re up to recently:

Seam: Glow In The Dark by MSU Learning Centre KL Central (MLC)

MSU Learning Centre successfully hosted an event named Seam: Glow In The Dark. SEAM was chosen as the event's flagship name because it embodies MSU's commitment to its staff, academics, and students by establishing an environment of teamwork, trust, respect, support, and, of course, fun. The programme was designed to improve student entrepreneur abilities, promote student morale and delight, establish a better environment between management, academics, and students, and allow students to have stronger interpersonal skills.

Entrepreneur Food Booth, Ghost House, Escape Room, Dining In The Dark, Photobooth, Art Exhibition, and Musical Theater were among the activities offered. The programme began with a food booth review by MLC Director Puan Norlina binti Arshad and academic staff, followed by an art exhibition by Diploma and Bachelor in Graphic Design students.

The Masterchef 2.0 by MSU College Sungai Petani

The Masterchef 2.0 "Diet Meal For Healthy" programme is an annual event that attempts to educate students on the significance of eating a healthy, balanced diet. This programme was all about eating healthy. At the event, the students prepared a healthy menu that included a main dish, a side dish, dessert, and nutritional drinks. The time allotted was two hours.

The students realised the value of working together in each group to ensure the programme goes successfully. Furthermore, students can be given exposure or knowledge about eating healthy foods and how to adopt a suitable balanced diet in meal preparation.

Also, students can be taught about sanitation and food safety. According to MUHAMMAD AZMIN BIN HAMIDI from the Graphic Design Diploma programme, knowledge about constructing a healthy diet menu should be used at home as a regular practise before coming to class with this programme. He hopes that this initiative will be repeated in the future.

PEC 400 - Teamwork Skills by MSU College Johor Bharu

Students in this programme were tasked with putting on a group fashion show. Students use their imaginations to construct their costumes. They collaborate with their teammates to enhance their responsibilities on the runway. Students from throughout school volunteered as models to help make the event a success.