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MSUperstar – Hariz Hazwan Abdul Aziz

Meet our #MSUperstar of the month, Hariz Hazwan Abdul Aziz! Well-known among MSUrians for his warmth and outgoing attitude, Hariz holds a Management Diploma from MSU College Seremban and is currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Human Capital Management at MSU's main campus in Shah Alam.

In 2020 and 2022, he was awarded the 'Anugerah Perdana Belia Negara' by Kementerian Belia dan Sukan (KBS) in honour of his devotion to social activities and influence on younger generations in the field of recreation. He has worked tirelessly to ensure that every programme runs smoothly while maintaining his academic standing, and he fully deserves the honour. He also received the President's Award from the first semester till his graduation. Throughout the discussion, he also stated that he wants to live a happy life while achieving at MSU.

Unfazed by the hardships he experiences after his father passed away from a heart attack, he has a very special success principle: "Keep Walking Until the End of Life." Since the first day of enrollment, he has participated in several college activities. He enjoys kayaking and rock climbing, and he frequently participates in scheduled events.

He is also frequently involved in volunteer events such as Iftar for Frontliners, Murals in Seremban Art Lane, and many others. He possesses both charisma and responsibility. With a mission to always assist others, he is never tired of ensuring that the social events in which he participates achieve their goals while also having an impact on the programme.