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Simply an astonishing list of achievements by a young woman who breathes sports, especially Judo, is Nor Izzatul Fazlia binti Mohamad Tahir, alumna of MSU who is sharing her passion with the readers today.

Nothing comes easy. She broke a leg every time she was up the stage, literally. Yet, Fazlia’s passion was unfazed by pain nor injuries.

“I have faced several injuries while training and in the competitions. I have dislocated my elbow; broke my humerus and nose bone; had five sutures on my eyebrow, and now suffering with knee pain. But, I will still continue playing Judo for the love of sports. None of these will waver me away from my love for Judo. These injuries and pain are a measure for my love for this sport and that means I am proud to have them, not otherwise,” she said.

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