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From Navy to Ivy

Having begun her career with an administrative assignment at the Navy's Markas Pemerintahan Pendidikan dan Latihan (MPPL), Siti Hazira had to work her way to the job of her dream. Starting with preparing only brunch, the Diploma in Culinary Arts graduate of Management and Science University (MSU) now does breakfast to supper for 600 pax daily; onboard the Sultan Idris Royal Ship KDSI 1.

Counting eleven years of service in the Navy this year, Siti Hazira recalls being in the pioneer batch receiving the resulting higher education opportunity at MSU. A year after graduating in 2016 with an Academic Award to her name, she was awarded both Best Laskar onboard KDSI 1 and Best Laskar at MPPL and was nominated for Best Laskar in TLDM. Currently training at Malbatt Village Port Dickson for the United Nations interim force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), Siti Hazira Haridan names her parents as the greatest inspiration behind a desire to be the best in everything and credits Management and Science University (MSU) for opening her mind to the wider world.

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