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In conjunction with MSU Entrepreneurship Week organise by Faculty of Business Management and Professional Studies, from 29th September until 1st October 2020, the team of Accounting Cluster and Team from CUP1 have been given an opportunity to jointly organise a virtual competition - MSU Young Leaderpreneur Challenge 2020 program.

This program creates a culture of entrepreneurial mindset and empowered leadership merged among MSU university community in contributing ideas for the topic of “Leading through Crisis: Resilience and Sustainability Beyond COVID 19” and to raise to the nations call in moving back Malaysia to its glory.

Leaderpreneur challenge is an activity that could benefit the students in building up their character with good social skills before embarking to the corporate world. Therefore, MSU students are now getting themselves equipped on various issues concerning social matters and becoming a good nation for the country.

MSU community will have strengths in academic and soft skills through activities by developing entrepreneurs, professionals, experts and more as they mould themselves towards being balanced, holistic and well-rounded personalities. As we will begin with our new semester, this program shall be a starting point for a new transformation ecosystem by enhancing our students’ talent as our future leader and entrepreneur. We need leaders, nation builders, community carers, environment savers and idea generators