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Yayasan MSU

A Foundation that seeks to create quality human capital and address issues on social imbalance, Yayasan MSU’s vision on charitable causes is built strongly on the spirit of giving, compassion, understanding and tolerance for a better future. A culture of scholarship takes a nation forward and the culture of endowment ensures no one is left behind.

The Foundation welcomes contributions from all quarters and these contributions are appropriated accordingly through a need basis. A report is published annually highlighting YM’s activities and all forms of financial contributions received and dispersed. All contributions, which is tax deductibles, can be made to the following:

  1. MSU Mobile Application
    Download via Play Store or Apple Store

  2. Salary Deduction
    Download form here

  3. Bank Transfer
    Account Name : YAYASAN MSU
    Bank Name : Affin Islamic Bank Bhd
    Account Number : 106640000021