Scaling the Skies from Ground Zero – an MSUrian’s story
Student Story 15th Mar 2018

Aircraft MRO (maintenance, repair, overhaul) is a career demanding among others sufficient fluency in Physics, and Syahrir Amirul Suib had no solid science background. No stranger to sky-high challenges, Syahrir short-circuited “it’s not for me” to realize his true potential at Management and Science University (MSU).

Atmosphere can influence well-being. For Syahrir Amirul Suib, it helped him explore the depth of his potential. 

The Students Representative Council (SRC) Exco is keen on a career in aircraft maintenance, but with no background in the physical sciences, this had been unthinkable. Then he discovered Management and Science University (MSU), and chose its Foundation in Engineering and Technology (FET) programme. With solid support from his lecturers, he switched to the Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Technology (DAMT) programme. 

What makes you tick?
I love challenges. It was a challenge for me to go into DAMT with no high-school background in engineering or science. It was a challenge for me to join the Students Representative Council (SRC), because candidates are considered only among Bachelor students. I work at overcoming all my challenges. 

Why DAMT and Management and Science University (MSU)?
I like everything about aircraft, and Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is one of the most in-demand job titles. My lecturers are very experienced, and the practical facilities are great.

MSU also has a collaboration with the University of Limerick (UL), Ireland, and I can continue there after graduating DAMT, with quite a lot of exemptions and savings! 

And there’s the MSU Global Mobility Programme (GMP)! I received news from my Deputy Dean at the Faculty of Information Sciences and Engineering (FISE) that I’m going to Ireland next year for one semester abroad – in UL! 

MSU helped me map out the pathway to my dream career. I would score my MSU learning experience a perfect 10! 

Advice to those considering MSU and DAMT
The campus location and facilities are all good. The lecturers are very good. They talk more, from the heart, than read more, off the book. 

Physics, aerodynamics, were all new to me, but my lecturers taught me from the basics and never thought of me as troublesome. Knowing I had no science background, they went all out to help me, and because of that, I maintained a 3.95 CGPA. 

At MSU, no matter where you come from, everybody mingles comfortably. And by everybody, MSU really hits the mark with Global University of Choice. 

To me the best thing is that the University keeps evolving, right in front of our eyes. There’s always some visible improvements. For its facilities, environment, the staff, and the lecturers, MSU is a top choice, and in terms of DAMT, it’s top value for money. 

Advice to fellow MSUrians
It’s never about just your studies. Employers these days do not look at your grades only. With 3.95 CGPA alone, you might not get that job, but if you had done other things such as community engagement, you have a higher chance. 

And focus on your self-development and self-management. Everything you need later is learned here in university. From my heart, I really hope everybody performs. Aim higher. Participate. We will be more like family and you will feel less isolated.

Aviation pathways at Management and Science University (MSU) currently include the programmes Foundation in Engineering and Technology (FET), Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance and Technology (DAMT), and Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management and Piloting (BAVM). Visit the Department of Engineering & Technology at the Faculty of Information Sciences and Engineering (FISE) for help with your queries.