Medical School Story: United Ambition
Student Story 15th Mar 2018

From high school to higher education, five siblings match their doctor dreams to a united choice: the International Medical School (IMS) of Management and Science University (MSU)


Becoming a doctor may still top the list of career ambitions for many high-school students but choosing where to study medicine may not prove as easy. For five siblings, however, their choice has been unanimously obvious.

Aazhimah Othman and Aarifah Othman are respectively a recent graduate of and a second-year student at the Management and Science University (MSU) International Medical School (IMS). With them at the MSU Shah Alam campus are Aadibah Othman and Muhammad Akmal Othman, the latter the latest MSUrian to have emerged from their clan of ten siblings; they are respectively completing and starting the MSU Foundation programme for MBBSAzeez Othman is the second sibling to have chosen Management and Science University (MSU). He who credits the quick response of elder sister Aazhimah in an emergency situation they had been witnesses to as the spark that ignited his medical ambition is now in his third year at IMS Bangalore, India.

Aazhimah may have been instrumental to setting the siblings’ path to medicine but she has also been impressive elsewhere. She started an online business in her third year at IMS and ran it to significant success to earn herself a place among MSU’s first batch of Jump$tarters

Akmal explored science to international engineering competitions in high school but is now set on the medical path at MSU. His use of engineering science to design solutions that meet social needs shows sensitivity to the plight of others – a conscience important to making a good doctor. 

As one leaving and the other embarking, the two give insights into their medical-career plans as well as their choice of IMS.

What could be your specialization in medicine?

AAZHIMAH If not oncology, then obstetrics and gynaecology (O&G); each equally important but O&G would be a happier place to be – I mean, who wouldn’t be happy to receive a newborn baby? 
AKMAL For me it may be too early to tell because later I might discover another interest but right now I’m thinking oncology. I enjoy reading stories about people surviving cancer and possible cures for cancer.


AAZHIMAH Though I qualified for a place in any of the public universities, it had always been in my mind that I would go to a private university or overseas. With MSU’s global mobility opportunities and all its world-class facilities at IMS, I’m glad I stayed. I made the right choice. Elsewhere just never occurred to me. 
AKMAL Foundation is only for a year, so you save time, money, and effort – you focus on what you’ll actually use later in MBBS. And soon MSU will also have its own teaching hospital, which will be convenient for my housemanship, and special, because no other international universities in Malaysia can match this. The curriculum is balanced and exploring your other interests is encouraged, so it’s not just a degree you will be getting but also your personal development into a well-rounded individual. I don’t want to be just a doctor. I want a journey full of exploration, one that expands my horizon through travel.

How has your MSU experience so far transformed you or enriched your future?

AAZHIMAH I used to be a nerd before MSU. Now I’m more outgoing and confident. I can hold my own in any discussion – just bring it on! MSU has also enriched my future by supporting my love of business and helping me develop entrepreneurial acumen. 
AKMAL As someone just starting, I look forward to my own personal transformation.

Advice to future students considering MBBS and MSU

AKMAL MSU lecturers are passionate, accessible, and engaging. They not only teach and mentor but also write books! These are experts in their area and they care about helping you become doctors that care about the patients. 
AAZHIMAH And some of them had been the best students themselves! Study for your doctor qualification locally so you can get a true picture of what to expect in patient care. MSU has great resources and gives you amazing opportunities. These will help you with your medical education as well as your personal development.

With five of you now and soon possibly a sixth, any united plans for the medical world?

AAZHIMAH I’m getting engaged to fellow MSUrian and MBBS graduate Muhammad Izrin Rosli. We actually may have enough doctors here to start our own hospital! 
AKMAL We could also develop new cures. With our MSU education, there will be entrepreneurial opportunity in everything.