Expanding my global perspectives in Ireland
Student Story 15th Mar 2018

Mohamad Faridz Haikal is a Management and Science University (MSU) student who went to Ireland on MSU’s Global Mobility Programme (GMP). This Bachelor in Law and Commerce student joined GMP for better exposure to the world but came home with so much more…

My student life at MSU has been one of the best things that ever happened to me. MSU has taught me a lot of things, and not just academically. I have made great friends and I love the bond we MSUrians share between ourselves as students of the University and our lecturers. Being a student, I am always hungry for new perspectives and lucky for me, MSU offers the Global Mobility Programme, which I applied to. If anyone asks why I joined the GMP, my main reason is that – more exposure. I want to discover other countries’ culture and I want to experience something different. 

I chose Ireland because I feel it has that something special. There were other countries offered on the application form but I was just immediately drawn to Ireland. When I saw Ireland in the list of countries, I also saw in my mind the country’s amazing greenery, remarkable buildings and all the historical things I had learnt about Ireland. It made me want to go see them all the more.

When I started to live in Ireland, I noticed a huge difference between their culture and ours. Frankly, it was quite hard to cope with at first, but I learned from my observations and enjoyed my stay there. There were challenges living by myself. I had to learn to cook and clean, manage my time, and how to socialize with the locals. I also travelled almost all around Europe during my GMP to Ireland, and that was an opportunity I’ll always be grateful for. 

What I love most about Ireland is how nice the people are. They love to talk about the weather and play this one sport you can find only in Ireland, called Gaelic football. It is a combination of soccer and rugby and I love it.

My time in Ireland was spent studying at the Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT) and experiencing their learning culture. I absolutely loved how friendly and helpful everyone was. They made me feel welcomed and it somehow helped me a lot in adapting. The University is complete with well-equipped facilities, from the library to the sports arena. I will never forget how good everyone was to me especially the staff and I will definitely go back there one day. 

All these experiences opened up my eyes to how big, beautiful and diverse the world is. Joining the GMP has helped me gained more self-confidence and grow me as a person. I am hoping to join more global engagements through MSU. With this opportunity I have had, I would like to encourage all MSUrians to join the Global Mobility Programme. It is such an incredible experience from which to learn more about life from the perspectives of others as well as find yourself. You will be surprised at how much this programme will affect you in the best way possible. If given the chance, I would love to go on the GMP again. 

Until next time …

Thank you Faridz for sharing your experience going to Ireland on GMP with us! We wish you good luck on your future endeavors!

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