Business and bowling equally up his alley
Student Story

Psychology with Marketing student Muhammad Anas Che Omar had barely graduated the Diploma in Culinary Art (DCA) programme at the School of Hospitality & Creative Arts (SHCA) before quickly making his way to the Bachelor in Psychology with Marketing (BPS) programme at the Faculty of Business Management & Professional Studies (FBMP)

The hobbyist-turned-professional bowler who trains kids twelve years and below for the state of Selangor is used to working his way to get to his dream; his 15-year-old bowler-self played alongside seasoned adult team mates because he had beaten the professionals among them just the year before. Consistency is his key to that success, and is something that he continues to display as an MSUrian. 

Why psychology with marketing?
Both psychology and marketing relate to my interest in business. I had learned a lot about the hotel line through the DCA programme, especially HR skills, and I want to build on that knowledge by going further into the psychology and marketing sides of business and prepare for higher-up business management. 

Why MSU? 
I had adapted well to the MSU learning culture through the DCA programme, so moving on to the BPS programme was a natural progression for me. And transitioning from SHCA to FBMP was possible because my core subjects from the DCA programme sufficiently met the minimum requirements of the BPS programme. 

What do you like about psychology with marketing at MSU?
I love learning how the effectiveness of marketing (strategy, for example) is enhanced by knowledge of psychology. It’s great that MSU combines the two into one programme of study. 

What do you like about the MSU campus?
I like that I can mingle with everyone on campus especially through the inter-faculty PEC programmes, where you work on projects, make new friends, and build your soft skills. 

What is your advice to those still considering MSU?
My advice goes to both students and parents and is based on my prior experience at a local public university. The culture in MSU is simply different. I used to be a quiet guy who was also presumed proud, but MSU provided me with the means to develop my people skills. Choose MSU because it will make a difference to your education. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, what’s your overall rating of your MSU experience?
10, obviously!