Welcome to our new MSUrians. Congratulations on making the right choice at MSU to pursue your studies and we believe your transformative journey, will begin here.

  1. Offer Letter and Acceptance of Offer

  2. Registration Day and Date

    The Registration Day / Date for students are as table below
    Registration Date / Day Time Faculty / School Venue
    3 April 2023 (Monday) 9am – 12pm All Faculties / Schools Performing Arts Theatre, Level 2

    Note: Only students will be allowed at the Registration venues

  3. Documents for Registration Day
    Students are required to bring along the following documents on the Registration Day:
    • Acceptance of Offer (if students did not submit online)
    • Original and Copy of results as entrance qualification documents – SPM, other certificates / transcripts (for verification purposes)
    • Original and Copy of IC
    • Original and Copy of MUET results (for Bachelor students)

  4. Parents Waiting Area during Registration
    • U-Plaza – Level 2, Science Tower
    • U-Plaza - Level 2, Academic Block
    • Islamic & Cultural Centre - Level 2, Academic Block

  5. Students / Parents Movement Flow
    • Only students and parents / guardian who have fully vaccinated are allowed to be in campus.
    • Students & Parents will enter from the main designated entrance checkpoint at U-Square (wearing mask).
    • Although visitors are advised to have hand sanitisers at all times, hand sanitizers will also be provided for use on campus.
    • Upon clearance at the checkpoint, students will proceed to the Performing Arts Theatre, Level 2, while parents proceed to the specified Waiting Areas.

  6. Medical Check-Up
    • Students may proceed with medical check-up prior to Registration Day.
    • The medical check-up fee is RM200.
    • Payment can be made online via MSU Online Payment. Click http://www2.msu.edu.my/molpay/molpay_process_order.php
    • Medical check-up is to be done at MSU Medical Centre from:
      Monday to Thursday: 8.30am to 1.00pm, 2.00pm to 5.00pm
      Friday: 8.30am to 1.00pm, 2.30pm to 5.00pm
      Saturday: 8.30am to 12.00pm
      Contact for appointment booking:
      Call: 03-5526 2600; WhatsApp: 019-570 8434
    • If medical check-up is not done BEFORE Registration Day, students are allowed to proceed with the medical check-up on appointment basis which will be given on the Registration Day.
    • Medical check-up fee can also be paid on the Registration Day.

  7. Student ID Card
    • All students will be issued with a Student ID Card upon completion the registration process.
    • Student ID card shall be required to gain access into campus and facilities at MSU.
    • Students are required to upload a passport-sized photo in the Acceptance of Offer link to ensure the ID card can be issued on the Registration Day. [Photo size 35mm x 50mm, blue background for Malaysians, white for international students.]

  8. Orientation Day
    • The detailed Orientation Schedule will be given to students on the Registration Day.
    • However, students need to register for the orientation via the link provided at the MSU website : https://admission.msu.edu.my/orientation/
    • The registration will be opened from 10 March 2023 to 3 April 2023..

  9. Class Timetable
    Your class timetable will be provided to you during the orientation session with your Faculty.

  10. Official Email and Communication
    You will get MSU official email once you have officially registered and completed the Virtual Orientation. You are required to use this email for any communication with MSU community.