Regenerating ideas for UNSDG
6 May 2019

Sustainable development through eco-innovations in 7th iReX

Management and Science University (MSU) held its 7th ideas Regeneration eXpo (iReX) end April 2019. The seventh edition of the biannual iReX focused faculty efforts into raising awareness of United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and cultivating a passion for creative solution through regeneration of conventional ideas into new innovations.

Involving close to three hundred final-year students including three from Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR), four from MSU Learning Centre KL Sentral, and fifty-five diploma projects, the two-day iReX combined the creative talents of FISE’s departments of Graphic and Multimedia, Engineering and Technology, and Information Sciences and Computing across the key research areas of Sustainability, Engineering Innovation Technology, Cyber Security, Big Data, and New Media Technology.    

MSU Bachelor in Computer Forensic (Honours) 
MSU Bachelor in Instructional Multimedia (Honours)

iReX showcases creative ideas and innovations through interactive exhibitions, and promotes creativity and learning as well as leadership, teamwork, and soft skills development, iReX is also a biannual opportunity for direct industry interaction, with representatives of public, private, local, and international companies, organizations and institutions in attendance.   

The 7th iReX concluded with five new collaborations with members of industry: STF Softech, PSI Global, Light Up 7 Digital Creative Agency, LGMS Global Services, and Aspert Innovations.

iReX is organized by MSU's Faculty of Information Sciences and Engineering (FISE).

MSU Bachelor in Aviation Management and Piloting (Honours) 
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MSU Bachelor in Product Design (Honours)