MSU Convo-24 presents Honorary Doctorate in Education Management
23 February 2019
A renowned expert of higher education development, Professor Dr T. Chan Basaruddin has been instrumental to the development of Indonesia’s higher education sector since the mid-90s. The professor of computer science at the University of Indonesia is also the Executive Board Director of Indonesia’s National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education, the President of the ASEAN Quality Assurance Network (AQAN), and the Vice-President of the Association of QA Agencies in the Islamic World (IQA). 

MSU Bachelor in Islamic Management (Honours)

MSU Bachelor in Islamic Finance (Honours)

MSU Bachelor in Islamic Banking (Honours)
MSU Bachelor in Takaful (Honours)

In his capacity as Consultant for University Governance and Autonomy and a Specialist of Higher Education Management, he had been responsible for designing an autonomy model for Indonesian universities. He had also been involved in developing a formula for calculating the unit cost per student for undergraduate education. At the turn of the millennium, he designed and implemented competitive funding schemes for the country’s higher education institutions.  


MSU Master in Educational Management and Leadership 

As an international consultant in the areas of management, funding, financing, and quality assurance of higher education, Professor Dr T. Chan Basaruddin has also served Sri Lanka, Jordan, and Mongolia; respectively in the capacities of QES Consultant to the Government of Sri Lanka, assisting in the implementation of competitive funding programmes for Sri Lankan universities; Higher Education Funding Specialist tasked with designing and developing an operational manual for implementation of the Higher Education Reform for Knowledge Economy (HERfKE) Project by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan's Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research; and Research Policy and Strategy Expert and Consultant for Higher Education Reform Project of Mongolia's Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences.

MSU Bachelor in Finance (Honours)
MSU Bachelor in Education (Science) (Honours)

Professor Dr T. Chan Basaruddin holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, and a Master of Science as well as a PhD from Manchester University in the UK, both in Numerical Analysis and Computing. His research interests include parallel computing, signal processing, numerical linear algebra, and scientific computing.

MSU Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science 
MSU Master in Computer Science 
MSU Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Honours) 
MSU Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management and Piloting (Honours)

“I am honoured to be standing here today and accepting the Honorary Doctorate in Education Management from Management and Science University. My sincerest gratitude, for I am truly and deeply humbled.

"I also take this opportunity to congratulate Tengku Sarafudin Badlishah Ibni Sultan Salehuddin on His Royal Highness's proclamation as MSU Chancellor. I am confident that his leadership and experience will further the university's transformative agenda.

"Quality and innovation are the main characteristics of Industry 4.0, which is presenting tremendous demands on human skills. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence, the higher education sector needs to be substantially reformed to meet the challenges. Along with optimum use of 21st century technologies, collaboration will better develop the fundamental functions of a university, through the limitless opportunities for access to external resources, both nationally and globally.

"I am pleased to note MSU's collaborative initiatives and that mobility is a way of life here. This university has set its course on the right path. It has continuously strived to develop quality human capital through innovative teaching and learning. Its clear vision of Transforming Lives, Enriching Future is indeed fitting for a university driven by excellence.

"Once again, I extend my highest appreciation to MSU for the opportunity to join this convocation and receive the honorary degree. My sincere thanks to Professor Tan Sri Dr Mohd Shukri and his team of great staff. To the graduating Class of 2019, I congratulate you on your achievements. My thoughts and prayers are with you. May you continue to be successful."