DreamEDGE MoU with MSU
20 February 2019

Industry boost to innovation, development, and creativity, across engineering, technology, and media studies at Management and Science University (MSU)


Management and Science University (MSU) has signed on a new collaboration into the university’s industry-embedded ecosystem.


A dynamic company principally engaged in innovative and creative engineering, DreamEDGE provides new technologies and services ranging from Data Exchange to CAD Data Designing and Modelling, CAD Data Conversion, CAE Analysis and Simulation, PLM Solution, and Digital Media, to bespoke training and consultancy as well as outsourcing.

MSU Master of Science in Engineering, MSU Master in Information Technology, MSU Master of Design, MSU Bachelor in Product Design (Honours)

MSU Bachelor in Computer Science (Honours), MSU Bachelor of New Media (Honours), MSU Bachelor in Creative Multimedia (Honours), MSU Diploma in Multimedia, MSU Diploma in Computer Engineering

The MoU with MSU seeks to establish a focus of engagement in building and developing talent; segment engineering, education, and content; as well as halal research; across automative engineering, advanced electronic, IR 4.0 technology, and creative works.

MSU Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Honours)  
MSU Bachelor in Engineering Technology (Electrical and Electronic) (Honours)  
MSU Foundation in Engineering Technology

MSU Bachelor in Creative Video and Photography (Honours)  
MSU Diploma in Creative Visual  
MSU Foundation in Visual Arts

Signing for DreamEDGE were its CEO Khairil Adri Adnan and COO Azhan Abdul Aziz.

MSUtv: Industry visit and MoU with DreamEDGE

MSU Bachelor in Industrial Management (Honours)