Embracing Community Healthcare Outreach with MSU ECHO
20 February 2019

Coral propagation, river revival, community first-aid training in programme launched with introduction of MSU Medic-Aid Support Squad (MASS)  

Management and Science University (MSU) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Selangor State Health Department (JKNS) at the launch of the MSU ECHO programme by MSU’s International Medical School (IMS).

ECHO is an MSU initiative at holistic social development encompassing community healthcare system and environmental sustainability.   

Programmes under the ECHO banner have included Effective First Aid Training for Wellness, currently involving the indigenous of the Sungai Rasau Orang Asli Settlement in Puchong; River Revival, which is an ongoing study of the effect of EM mudballs on water quality; and MyCoral, a knowledge transfer programme aiming to boost marine life and ecosystem.    

Launch of MSU ECHO

Present for the MoU signing was JKNS Director General Dato’ Dr Khalid Ibrahim. Officiating the MSU ECHO launch with his address was the Minister of Health Malaysia, Datuk Seri Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad.

“Particularly in nation re-building, the students we need to generate should be intellectually superior, creatively enterprising, and morally and spiritually vibrant. A vibrant student population is a nation’s greatest asset, which you have here at MSU; an institution very responsive, aware, and relevant to the country’s progress and development. With its 98.6% graduate employability, the MSU way is a national benchmark – if not regional or global – in addressing graduate employability.

“A global challenge in health care right now is plateauing performance; in longevity, for example. We need to go back to primary care and family medicine while we advance preventive, promotive, and curative care. We need to widen the preparation of our future health care professionals. With community engagement and service at its core, and a comprehensive approach reflected by a ‘Caring, Healing, Educating’ slogan, MSU Medical Centre together with MSU International Medical School (IMS) provide yet another national benchmark for health care and medical education.

MSU Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
MSU Bachelor in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Honours)
MSU Bachelor in Medical Sciences (Honours)

"I believe that moving forward, we will not see a dichotomy but instead a new construct, where public and private work together hand in glove to achieve a more enhanced collaboration and synergy. Without even talking about it, MSU showed the way. Our collaboration with MSU is the first with a comprehensive approach that parallels the Ministry's own vision. Congratulations to MSU for taking the lead."

“Leading, iconic, an embodiment of inclusivity,” was the Minister of Health Malaysia’s description of MSU’s leadership

Taking to the stage for the launch gimmick was the MSU Medic-Aid Support Squad (MASS), which had kicked into gear with emergency first-aid training at the IMS Jom Sihat Carnival and the MSU Medical Centre soft launch.

MoU with JKNS

Present for the MoU signing was Selangor State Health Department Director Dato’ Dr Khalid Ibrahim. Under the state department's governance are thirty-two responsibility centres (PTJ) comprising twelve hospitals, eleven district-health offices, and nine oral-health offices. The MoU seeks to establish a basis of cooperation and collaboration to facilitate research, training, teaching and learning in the field of population health and well-being, between MSU and JKNS.

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