A gift of knowledge and learning
13 June 2018
Spreading giving for community’s greater good, Management and Science University (MSU) contributes to scholarship with a gift to the local library.   

This Ramadan, the gift of giving continues at Management and Science University (MSU) with a contribution of a thousand academic books worth half a million Ringgit to Selangor’s Raja Tun Uda Library. 

The gift came to be following a discussion between MSU President, Professor Tan Sri Dato’ Wira Dr Mohd Shukri Ab Yajid, and His Royal Highness the Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, in which His Royal Highness mentioned the need to build up the resources of the Raja Tun Uda Library. 

The first batch of the book contribution by MSU was soon presented by Professor Tan Sri Dr Shukri himself to Selangor Public Library Corporation (PPAS) Director, Puan Hajah Mastura Haji Muhamad, in a handing-over ceremony held at the Leisure Reading Area on the Ground Floor of the Raja Tun Uda Library and witnessed by Professor Dr Shaharuddin Badaruddin, Chairman of the Selangor State Executive Council for Islamic Affairs, Education, Human Capital Development, Science, Technology and Innovation.  

Gift of a thousand books from Management and Science University (MSU) to Raja Tun Uda Library

Adding to the almost 275,000 copies of books in the library’s existing collection, the MSU contribution signifies the University’s support of PPAS efforts at building the Raja Tun Uda Library into a knowledge hub for the local community.

Finding a new home on the shelves of the Raja Tun Uda Library are the MSU gifts spanning the areas of business, management, hospitality, creative arts, and fundamental studies. Among the titles are The SAGE International Encyclopaedia of Travel and Tourism by Lowry L.; Essentials of Corporate Finance 9th edition by Stephen Ross; and Kaizen and the Art of Creative Thinking by Shigeo Shingo.

At the Raja Tun Uda Library in Shah Alam, Selangor

Students of Management and Science University (MSU) and MSU College (MSUC) are frequent visitors to the Raja Tun Uda Library.