In song and spirit, harmony across diversity
4 June 2018

Cross-cultural appreciation apparent across auditorium in congregation of clubs and associations for Iftar with the President at Management and Science University (MSU)

Every year, Management and Science University (MSU) celebrates Ramadan by bringing its students together into the University’s Ihya Ramadan traditions.

One of these is the campus communal breaking of the fast, which provides a thousand dinners daily, served to all MSUrians by turns.

At the Clubs' and Associations' turn for Iftar with the President, students of all faiths congregated at the MSU Performing Arts Theatre, where they were treated to a rousing opening performance by De' Voice.

MSU Choir De' Voice captivating the audience 

Entertaining in their medley of Lenggang Kangkung and Vuelie sung a capella, the MSU Choir Club sent spirits soaring as their voices rose in song. Their upbeat performance, which had snagged the bronze at the 2018 Kuala Lumpur Choir Competition, made for a wonderful example of the beautiful things that can be achieved through harmony.   

Picking up on the harmonic beat was SRC Vice-President Aleaa Nur Insyirah binti Dr Hj Alias, who expressed her heart-warmed feeling at seeing fellow members of clubs and associations coming together in the spirit of Ramadan, and attributed the caring and sharing theme of their HeaR 2018 programme to the MSU culture of Giving and Grateful. A moniker for Healthy Ramadan, MSU HeaR is set to bring cheer to community’s orphans, old folks, the urban poor, and the disabled, among others.      

SRC Vice-President Aleaa Nur Insyirah binti Dr Haji Alias

Iftar is just one of the many platforms for inter-cultural relations to flourish among MSU’s diverse student body.

Bonding over flavours and colours

Education happens not only in the classroom at MSU but extends to the whole surrounding environment to encompass all that students may do during their time in university. 

Pre-dinner breaking of fast at the MSU Islamic and Cultural Centre (ICC)

It is an education designed to build better persons, who deliver their duties guided by a moral compass, moulding their character towards professional integrity in the workplace.

At the MSU Ihya 2018 Iftar with the President, another lesson was added to the campus chapter on cultural diversity.

“If you can appreciate others, you can work anywhere in the world. The more you can be appreciative of other cultures, the higher your global employability,” remarked MSU President, Professor Tan Sri Dato’ Wira Dr Mohd Shukri Ab Yajid.     

A thousand sit-down meals are provided daily at the MSU Iftar on campus