MSU Kids’ Que Sera Sera Graduation Day 2018
19 November 2018

Cuteness overloads as University’s youngest students receive MSU Kids graduation scrolls together with interns of Early Childhood Education at Management and Science University (MSU)

Management and Science University (MSU) has held a graduation ceremony for its youngest charges. 

Two future scientists and two future teachers were in the line-up of seventeen little graduates from MSU Kids, including a future nurse, a future artist, a future architect, a future astronaut, a future engineer, a future lawyer, a future pilot, a future doctor, a future firefighter, a future soldier, a future policeman, a future chef, and a future celebrity.

MSU Bachelor in Culinary Arts (Honours)

MSU Bachelor in Nursing (Honours) 
MSU Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Technology (Honours)

What will I be? Que sera sera; what will be, will be …

MSU Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Honours)

MSU Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management and Piloting (Honours)

A presidential lift to console a tearful future policeman Muhammad Firas Fariq Mohamad Firdaus 

MSU Bachelor in Law and Commerce (Honours)
MSU Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (Honours)


Six interns of MSU Kids received tokens of appreciation from MSU President Professor Tan Sri Dato’ Wira Dr Mohd Shukri Ab Yajid, who officiated the Que Sera Sera Graduation Day 2018 ceremony.

Nur Asilah Azhari, Khairunnisa Muhd Kameri, Norhazrina Hashim, Catherine Joseph, Haeidatul Hamizah Hassan, and Nurul Syafira Mohamad Aminudin are students of the MSU Bachelor in Early Childhood Education (Honours) programme on Nursery Practicum, their first internship before moving on to Pre-School Practicum.

The graduating Class of MSU Kids 2018 delighted the audience with their special performance opening the graduation ceremony.

MSU Bachelor in Music Performance (Honours)

MSU Kids
was established in 2008 as a workplace nursery of Management and Science University (MSU). The on-campus nursery was recently rebranded in a joint celebration with MSU Children's Festival 2018 marking the National Early Care and Childhood Education Week.

MSU Bachelor in Early Childhood Education (Honours) – PJJ 
MSU Diploma in Early Childhood Education
MSU Master in Educational Management and Leadership