1. Linguistics & Language

    Description: The main focus of this group is on linguistic issues and challenges in non-native settings. This group highlights the issues and niche areas in linguistics and its sub-branch academic discourse analysis. The contribution of this type of research will benefit the teachers and students in the classroom level.

    Key Research Area: 21st Century Education

    SDG: Quality Education

  2. Education

    • To promote 21st century teaching and learning in the education setting.
    • To enhance Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) among the primary and secondary school students.
    • To strengthen current country policy regarding education development.
    • To integrate research findings into Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

    Key Research Area: 21st Century Education

    SDG: Quality Education

  3. Medical Education

    • To develop teaching/learning methods for 21st century students.
    • To align curriculum with the current and future needs of the society.
    • To prepare staff and students for teaching in line with 21st century approaches.
    • To design valid and reliable methods to assess higher order thinking skills among students.
    • To promote research in medical education.

    Key Research Area: Medical Sciences, 21st Century Education

    SDG: Good health and wellbeing, Quality Education

Research list:

  1. A Comparative Analysis of Stance Features in Research Article Introductions: Malaysian and English Authors’
  2. The Efficacies of an Explicit Vocabulary Instruction Model on ESL Learners’ Vocabulary Size and Writing Skills
  3. Collaborative Learning in the Classroom: The Study of Malaysian University Students' Attitude
  4. Soft Skilled Teachers towards nuturing future generation
  5. Attention Span and Character-building in 21st century learning