When you think of sustainability, cyber security probably doesn’t spring to mind as one of the industries on the front lines, but each SDG includes a digital component, although some are more digitally focused than others. While the development community continues to invest to achieve the SDGs by digitising societies and building "smart" infrastructures, there is often an underestimation of the cyber risks and threats that come with increased use of ICTs and digitalization, such as insecure hardware, issues around internet bandwidth, malicious manipulation of information and data, and increased reliance on apps.

Recognising these challenges, the Centre of Cyber Security and Big Data (CCSBD) is working to support the development of and strengthen cyber capabilities to be better protected and better equipped to respond to cyber threats. CCSBD also works with communities to enhance awareness and educate the public about the importance and usage of big data by instilling appreciation for big data and cyber security through its various programmes.


Cyber Security Operation Centre plays a role in safeguarding organizations through Threat Monitoring and Penetration Testing. With a proven track record, CCSBD is actively collaborating with two internal clients, namely www.msucollege.edu.my and klas2.msucollege.edu.my, ensuring their systems and networks remain secure and provides support to MSU Medical Centre. CCSBD are actively seeking affiliations and partnership with external clients to provide comprehensive solutions that fortify organizations against evolving cyber threats. By constantly monitoring for potential threats and conducting penetration tests to identify vulnerabilities, CSBD's efforts contribute to maintaining a strong defense against cyber-attacks for its clients. Complementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Malaysian government’s initiative for Shared Prosperity Vision (SPV2030), CCSBD is paving the way for creating sustainable cyber security practices in all SDGs, but especially in SDG 9: Inculcating Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure; SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities; and SDG 16: Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions. By working together with those that use technology and those that determine the policies that govern it, CCSBD aims to be one of the top centres of reference for cybersecurity and digital safety in the region.