As a reference centre for halal studies, ICHLAS serves as a one-stop centre to undertake the promotion and development of matters relating to research, training and services dedicated to halal products and services, especially in Halal Pharmaceutical, Cosmeceutical, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Logistics and Muslim-friendly Tourism. This initiative reflects SDGs 3 and 8, Good Health and Well-Being, and Decent Work and Economic Growth, respectively. ICHLAS works closely with the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) to maintain its integrity with the Islamic law and ongoing updates of the Department that are coherent with the university's Islamic and Halal ambits.

A certified Halal Training Provider by JAKIM (ref. no: JAKIM.HPB/PLH: 2022-017) and registered Training Provider by HRDF (ref. no: MyCoID: 1194600U).




Development of novel products and technological innovation (Halal Substitute). Researching new methods and improvement of developments in the analysis of haram and syubhah adulterants and contaminants. Process and system management in the Halal supply chain, Shariah, legislation, and Halal product circulation. ICHLAS will be facilitating the Halal market, the academia and the research scholars through targeted research activities undertaken with the collaboration of universities and industries. New innovation will be offered to bridge the knowledge gap with an aim to produce practical, well-structured, and market-oriented courses /study programs on the rapidly changing needs of the Halal sector.


There is a rising inclination toward the halal industry, thereby creating a high demand for halal human capital. Industries need to ensure that their services and products are in-line with Shariah regulations related to the field of halal, thus making halal expertise highly in demand these days. ICHLAS offers an exclusive Halal Training Programme for those industry players who wish to contribute to the halal industry. This programme aims to equip and prepare you with in-depth knowledge of the field and teach you the functions of halal certification. The main aim of this programme is to provide theoretical knowledge coupled with the practical application of halal certification.

Training courses:

  • Professional Certificate in Halal Executive (PHEP)
  • Professional Certificate in Halal Auditing (PHAP)
  • Halal Awareness (HAF)Halal Assurance System (HAS)
  • Halal Internal Audit (HIAP)
  • Halal Logistics (HLOG)
  • Halal Finance (HFIN)
  • Muslim-friendly Hotel (MusHo)




It is part of ICHLAS’s responsibility to nurture the industry in Malaysia and global with up-to-date and accurate information on businesses and consumer trends. In order to achieve that goal, ICHLAS has established high-end professional consultancy services for SMEs and entrepreneurs to enhance their halal businesses. ICHLAS has wide experience in advisory and consultancy services to help the industry in halal business both locally and internationally. We facilitate our clients with the knowledge and capabilities needed to apply best practices and boost performance for the long term. The services range from application for Halal Certification to setting up Global Halal market opportunities. We aim to assist with your needs.

What we offer

  • Halal Certification
  • Halal Commercialization
  • Islamic Slaughtering
  • Islamic Cleansing (Sertu)