One of the Management and Science University (MSU)’s stupendous initiatives is Research and Innovation of Private Higher Education Network (RIPHEN). It is so embedded within the ecosystem at MSU that RIPHEN has pretty much become the ‘trademark’ of the university.

This on-going initiative was incepted at MSU in 2018. The official announcement was made at the Dinner and Awards Night of PERINTIS, in the presence of the then Deputy Minister of Education, Teo Nie Ching.

RIPHEN aims at bridging the works of the university’s research fellows and the local and global network of research fraternity. While doing that, it also plays a pivotal role in maintaining the operational standard of the research ecosystem of MSU’s postgraduate students’ research works.

The program is an important pillar that inculcates research efforts as part of the learning experience at the university. It takes a university to have a sound pedestal in research and innovation to be able to keep up to the world’s much evolving pace of readiness and progressive education ecosystem.

RIPHEN works collaboratively with some of the local and international universities that look into research seriously. Working meticulously with the experts in the industries and research fellows, RIPHEN gathers the great minds under one accord, to contribute their ken in the respective fields of study and to ensure the research papers or journals are peer-reviewed.
This would enhance the research initiatives and ecosystem in the university, while embracing the transformative culture of innovativeness and enriching the future of each student. Besides, it also stipulates their industry-readiness.
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