1. Prevention and Rehabilitation for the Blind and Eye Studies

    Description: This research group is specially dedicated to investigating crosstalk between cancer and inflammation, adding potential discovery into existing knowledge in this field. This group also constantly evaluates potential novel compounds to combat inflammation and cancer.

    Key Research Area: Blindness Prevention

    SDG: Good health and well being

Research list:

  1. The Association of Cigarette Smoking on Intraocular Pressure among Young Adult Male: A Preliminary Study
  2. The influence of subclinical autistic traits on binocular functions
  3. The Effects of Elateriospermum tapos against Obese Maternal Rat in Mitigating Obesity Development among their Adult Female Offspring
  4. Factors Affecting Uncooperative Behaviors and the Challenges when Handling Paediatric Patients: Framework for Optometry Practice
  5. Web-based Primary Eye Care Analyser for future Tele-eye health care system