What we do is why we do

With the noble aim of transforming lives and enriching future, MSU’s Centres of Excellence are incepted to devise solutions for societal challenges faced by the local and international Malaysian communities. Keeping in mind that societal challenges vary according to the strata of the community and the plight faced by these communities are not to be disregarded or taken lightly. The Centres of Excellence (COE) work earnestly to eradicate or to the least plummet the struggle these communities have to endure on a daily basis in the wake of the societal challenges.

COE at MSU work hand-in-hand with MSU Foundation (Yayasan MSU) to obtain funding for their projects. These projects help to identify existing and relevant societal challenges with the aim to change the predicament of those involved. This would notably upsurge the quality of life of these communities.

Our Centres of Excellence (COE)

We have seven Centres of Excellence at MSU which are the beacons of example for research addressing societal challenges, provision of expert advice and centres for continuous training and development in their respective ambits.

Each centre addresses a societal challenge parallel to the flagship set by these centres. These flagships will help us solve community issues in a more intricate and focused manner to achieve the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals’ calls to action including environmental issues.

These goals help the research teams to have an engrossed attention to each societal challenge within the communities that will help attain the end result of improving the lives of all communities alike.