1. Public & Private Law

    Description: The researchers in this group are interested in various aspects of law such as Criminal Justice and Crime Issues, Company Law, Employment and Industrial Relations Law, Islamic Law, and IT law.

    Key Research Area: Business & Management, Islamic Management, Cyber Security

    SDG: Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions

  2. Cyber security Research

    • To promote awareness on the security issues arising from internet usages.
    • To provide a platform for cyber security studies and research projects.
    • Contribute ideas to cyber security researches and other relevant projects.
    • To bring together expertise in education, research, and practice in the field of information security and privacy.
    • To collect and classify digital data for cyber security researches among collaborators inside and outside academia.
    • To share research findings for the benefit of students, academicians, and researchers.

    Key Research Area: Cyber Security

    SDG: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Research list:

  1. Mobile Based Attendance System: Face Recognition and Location Detection using Machine Learning
  2. A Study on Medical Image Compression Techniques based on Huffman Coding & Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT)
  3. Quick Response Code Validation and Phishing Detection Tool
  4. Quantum Application: A Smart Cashier-less Shopping Application with Biometric Payment Authentication
  5. Quantum Checkout: An Improved Smart Cashier-less Store Checkout Counter System with Object Recognition
  6. An overview of Advanced Optical Flow Techniques for Copy Move Video Forgery Detection
  7. Detecting Phishing Website Using Machine Learning