1. Engineering Innovation Technology

    Description: We focus on Robotics Technology Development and Design, Iris Recognition System, Computer Hardware, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Embedded System Wireless Sensor, and Biomedical Application.

    Key Research Area: Engineering Innovative Solution

    SDG: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

  2. New Media Technology

    Objectives: To develop products and industrial designs through innovation, which include ergonomic and anthropometric studies in design industry, material innovation, environmental sustainability, UI/UX for product and industrial design and biomimicry inspiration.

    Key Research Area: New Media Technology, Engineering Innovative Solution

    SDG: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Research list:

  1. Covid-19 Patient Health Monitoring System using IoT
  2. Designation of a Home Automation System using Nodemcu with Home Wireless Control Appliances in Traditional Malay House
  3. Design and Development of Real Time Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring System Based on IoT Technology
  4. Model-based Design of an Automated Window Slide Controller Embedded with the Multi-sensing System
  5. Automatic Overheat Early Detection System
  6. Active Monitoring of Energy Utilization in Smart Home Appliances
  7. Automatic Irrigation System: Design and Implementation
  8. Design and Development of Prosthetic Leg with a Mechanical System
  9. Towards A Sustainable Development Cities Through Smart Shopping Trolly: A Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic