1. Food-DESK

    Description: Researches of this group focus on functional food development; evaluation of food safety and quality; and investigation of food structures as affected by food processing techniques. A key concern of business professional is alignment— applying IT in an appropriate and timely way and in harmony with business strategies, goals, and needs. Managing IT and business issues and how to make sure IT plays a role in organisations during the Industry Revolution 4.0 are important factors for achieving sustainability and organisational effectiveness.

    • To promote functional food development designed for different target markets.
    • To increase the shelf life of food products using natural preservatives and techniques.
    • To evaluate food safety knowledge, attitude and practices of food handlers and consumers in various types of food establishments.
    Key Research Area: Applied Health Sciences, Gastronomy & Nutrition

    SDG: Good health and well being

  2. Nutrition

    Description: Nutritional status of various groups and advancing in nutrition interventions.

    • To assess the nutrition status among Malaysians.
    • To evaluate the antioxidant profiles in underutilised plants.
    • To examine the relationship between bioactive compounds and the occurrence of non-communicable diseases.
    • To promote and support the initiation, exclusivity, and continuation of breastfeeding.
    • To create healthy environment in secondary schools: healthy canteen.
    • To evaluate the association of dietary and lifestyle practices with chronic diseases.

    Key Research Area: Gastronomy & Nutrition

    SDG: Good health and well being

Research list:

  1. Trajectories of Food Choice Motives and Weight Status of Malaysian Youths during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  2. Eating behaviors among online learning undergraduates during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  3. Food security during the COVID-19 home confinement: A cross-sectional study focusing on adults in Malaysia.
  4. Changes in dietary intake patterns and weight status during the COVID-19 lockdown: A cross-sectional study focusing on young adults in Malaysia
  5. Eating behaviour among remote working adults during the COVID-19 pandemic.