MSU Eye Centre's mission is to help people create and share multidisciplinary tools for eye and vision health care. MSU Eye Centre (iCARE) is one of MSU’s Centres of Excellence providing unequalled services in eye and vision health with research and development for the benefit of the local community whether the young or old. iCARE addresses issues of visual impairment and blindness through innovative research and creative techniques which are combined with the advancement of information technology to facilitate teaching and learning.

Harnessing interdisciplinary strengths of researchers from health and life sciences and information sciences and engineering expertise; award winning instruments, modules, prototypes and gadgets promoting basic and advanced means of eye and vision health care have been developed and scaled for use among the young and old of our community. The value of multi-disciplinary viewpoints were recognised by the researchers of iCARE in awareness campaigns for cataract and glaucoma being the two most silent yet common causes of acquired blindness.

Efforts of the team’s collaborative network with industry enabled them to look at a variety of current topics and phenomena relating to eye and vision protection. iCARE provides a platform for local and international institutions and councils to collaborate in partnership to ensure the continued development of techniques and the improvement of existing standards are current and not only shared academically via the Journal of Optometry, Eye and Health Research but in continuous improvement to transform lives and enrich future.