About the Course

English is the foremost language of the internet and it is the world’s third most widely spoken language. Knowledge of English as a second language, thus opens up a variety of job opportunities around the world. This foundation programme is developed for those who have an interest in teaching, especially the Teaching of English as a Second Language (TESL). Its main objective is to create proficient users in all the four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) in English, in addition to instilling the principal concepts in teaching and learning. Management and Science University will help build a strong foundation for your learning experiences to progress to bachelor level.

Entry Requirements
You need at least FIVE (5) Credits at SPM/SPMV level including in English Language OR an equivalent qualification recognized by MSU Senate.
Foundation in TESL (FTESL) is a one-year intensive preparatory programme by MSU’s Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS). 

KPT/ JPS (R/222/3/0007) 09/23

RM15,000 - RM20,000
*The stated fees are estimation on overall completion of the program. In any cases where there are credit exemptions, offered rebates or approval of scholarship applications, there will be considerable reduction in the fees
The fees stated here are for Malaysians or local students only. Kindly refer to MSU regarding the fees for international students
Among the Courses Offered
First Semester
  • Productive Skills - Writing
  • Grammar I
  • Receptive Skills - Speaking and Listening
  • Receptive Skills - Reading and Vocabulary
Second Semester
  • English Pronunciation
  • Grammar II
  • Language and Culture
  • Academic and Creative Writing
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