About the Course

Foundation in Liberal Arts (FLB) program is designed to equipped students with knowledge for those who have an interest in Liberal Arts Studies. The liberal arts and sciences have been the foundation of college education since centuries ago and are seen to be an emerging field of interest for generation of today. Rather than a narrowed-down program with a single focus, the liberal arts and sciences education allows possibilities for students to explore a wide-range of subjects and areas of study. Students in this program will undergo subjects from various disciplines including arts, humanities, social sciences, languages, management, computers, and music. 

The liberal arts programme at MSU teaches what today's employers say they value most: communication of ideas, as well as the ability to find and analyse information and data, adapt to new technology and professional trends, work with others to solve problems, and make confident, knowledgeable decisions. 

Entry Requirements

A minimum of FIVE (5) Credits at SPM/SPMV level including Bahasa Melayu and English subject 


Other qualifications recognized as equivalent by the Malaysian Government. 

Foundation in Liberal Arts (FLB) is a one-year intensive preparatory programme under the School of Education and Social Sciences (SESS). 

Among the Courses Offered
  • Language and Culture
  • Political Science 
  • Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
  • Introduction to Photography
  • Introduction to Multimedia 
  • Introduction to Sociology 
  • Introduction to Music 
  • Presentation Skills
Career Prospects
  • Visual art instruction and consultancy
  • Music instruction, performance, and creation
  • Public and international relations
  • Graphics and multimedia
  • Literary and communications
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