1. Operational Strategic Management (OSM)

    Scopes of OSM:
    • Conceptualizations on the Dimensions for Halal Orientation for Food Manufacturers: A Study in the Context of Malaysia.
    • Supply chain policy for the World View of Innovations.
    • Strategic Leadership on organisation performance, strategic orientation, and operational strategy.
    • Competitiveness Analysis of ASEAN Automotive Industry: A comparison between Malaysia and Thailand
    • Halal Orientation Strategy (HOS) Reinforces to Positive Results on Quality, Time, Cost Control and Flexibility among Halal Food Manufacturers in Malaysia Context
    Key Research Area: Business & Management
    SDG: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

  2. SEIRS- Social Enterprise & IR 4.0 Sustainability

    Description: This research group focuses on IT in business. In recent decades, billions of dollars have been invested in information technology (IT). A key concern of business professional is alignment—applying IT in an appropriate and timely way and in harmony with business strategies, goals, and needs. Managing IT and business issues and how to make sure IT plays a role in organisations during the Industry Revolution 4.0 are important factors for achieving sustainability and organisational effectiveness.
    Key Research Area: Business & Management, New Media Technology
    SDG: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

  3. DigMarketing

    Description: This research group focuses on marketing and retail management. We study on the key issues and challenges that are faced in contemporary marketing, marketing research, A & P strategies and for the future development of the concept and philosophy. We also focus on the relationship between companies and stakeholders, in addition to developing successful marketing strategies in the 21st century with the emergence of new media (e.g. social media). Along the way, we explore and discuss issues such as disengagement of customers (consumer behaviour) and ethical issues in marketing sphere.
    Key Research Area: Business & Management, Social Media
    SDG: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

  4. Creative Arts

    Description: This group objectifies music and analysis within its highly unexplored research areas such as Music Technologies; Music for therapy, Music for learning, Music instrument development and Promotion Strategies; comprehensive strategies within the music industry and other related fields.
    Key Research Area: Arts & Design
    SDG: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

  5. Hospitality and Culinary Arts

    Description: Focusing on gastronomy areas (culinary arts, food service).
    • To conduct academic and scientific research covering wide range of hospitality and culinary arts spectrums.
    • To participate in the national and international practices devoted to the development of the related industries.
    • To observe and follow with the industrial and social networks for current provoking topics as a mean for collaborative research.
    • To establish new research areas, follow the international trends within related topics.
    • To ensure research conducted is applicable and integrated with the Malaysian market needs.
    Key Research Area: Hospitality & Tourism Management
    SDG: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

  6. Hospitality – PGC

    • To promote event management researches for industries and education institutions.
    • To create the awareness of emergency planning and preparedness among hospitality institutions.
    • To enhance the understanding of Shariah compliant hotels.
    • To increase students and local participation in Ecotourism and Sustainability sectors.
    • To market the characteristics of Malaysian cuisines and attract gastronomic tourists.
    Key Research Area: Hospitality & Tourism Management
    SDG: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

  7. Engineering Innovation Technology

    Description: We focus on Robotics Technology Development and Design, Iris Recognition System, Computer Hardware, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Embedded System Wireless Sensor, and Biomedical Application.
    Key Research Area: Engineering Innovative Solution
    SDG: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

  8. Sustainable Energy

    Objectives: Our research is focused on the development of biomaterials and coatings under the terms of Nano-filler/additions/coating. Bio-material supplements have several unique physical and mechanical properties such as biocompatibility, high recovery strain, and high absorption impacted materials that are ideally suited for fabrication of Nano smart-materials applications. Key Research Area: Sustainable Energy
    • Affordable and clean energy
    • Sustainable cities and communities
    • Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

  9. Big Data

    Objectives: To provide solutions that uncover information of hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends and customer preferences that can help organizations make informed businesses.
    Key Research Area: Big Data
    SDG: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

  10. New Media Technology

    Objectives: To develop products and industrial designs through innovation, which include ergonomic and anthropometric studies in design industry, material innovation, environmental sustainability, UI/UX for product and industrial design and biomimicry inspiration.
    Key Research Area: New Media Technology, Engineering Innovative Solution
    SDG: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

  11. Cyber security Research

    • To promote awareness on the security issues arising from internet usages.
    • To provide a platform for cyber security studies and research projects.
    • Contribute ideas to cyber security researches and other relevant projects.
    • To bring together expertise in education, research, and practice in the field of information security and privacy.
    • To collect and classify digital data for cyber security researches among collaborators inside and outside academia.
    • To share research findings for the benefit of students, academicians, and researchers.
    Key Research Area: Cyber Security
    SDG: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure