1. Sustainable Energy

    Objectives: Our research is focused on the development of biomaterials and coatings under the terms of Nano-filler/additions/coating. Bio-material supplements have several unique physical and mechanical properties such as biocompatibility, high recovery strain, and high absorption impacted materials that are ideally suited for fabrication of Nano smart-materials applications.

    Key Research Area: Sustainable Energy

    • Affordable and clean energy
    • Sustainable cities and communities
    • Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

  2. Migrant Worker Health Research (MigWhealth)

    Description: Migrant Worker Health Research (MigWhealth) is a network of researchers from multidisciplinary backgrounds to address health related issues faced by the migrant workers community. We work together with NGOs, other research institutes, and our postgraduate and undergraduate research students. Four highlights of this group are quality of life, stress, communicable/non-communicable diseases, and women's health. We employ health consultations, technology applications and policies to enhance the knowledge gap of the migrant workers for better health promotion.

    Key Research Area: Environmental Sustainability

    • Sustainable cities and communities
    • Good health and well being
    • Gender equality
    • Reduced inequalities