Student & Career Development (SCD) is a team dedicated to ensuring that our local and international students receive the necessary support to enjoy life on campus, and to empowering them with outstanding soft skills that complement their learning experiences at MSU. We build institutional core values and lifelong affiliations through creative programmes, vibrant student organizations, and clubs as well as associations.

The division consists of four areas including student leadership and empowerment, Student experience, student support and alumni.

Among the SCD units are:

  1. Student Activities & Offshore Campus
  2. Facilitator & Buddies System
  3. New Student Engagement
  4. GEms
  5. 1st Semester Experiences
  6. SDG
  7. Leadership
  8. Clubs & Association
  9. Community Engagement
  10. Sport
  11. Campus Recreation
  12. Intercultural Experiences
  13. Media & Branding
  14. Counseling & Motivation
  15. Student Relations & Welfare
  16. Industry & Alumni Network