Who Are They?
The Student Representatives Council (SRC) consists of 18 members from various schools and faculties of the University, elected through an e-voting system.

The SRC also comprises 11 major portfolios that collectively contribute to the main goals of the Council; President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Academic, Activity, Welfare, Sports & Recreation, Ethics & Moral, Publicity and International.

General Roles of the SRC
The SRC acts as a bridge between their fellow students and the University Management, conveying their concerns and needs and vice-versa the University’s responses to these. It is also instrumental in ensuring success of all activities and programmes designed to benefit all the students of the University.

The SRC generally

  • promotes cooperation and teamwork among the students,
  • coordinate and/or supervise academic, sport, spiritual, recreational activities accordingly with instructions from the SRC president,
  • intermediate appeals,
  • carry out activities determined by the University or the University’s Student and Career Development Department (SCD) towards achievement of University objectives,
  • represent the University as its Ambassador, be it at national or international level, in whatever programmes that may involve the students, and especially with regards to leadership of the students.

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