The MSU Student Representative Council is a vital link between the university's administration and its diverse student population. MSU SRC strives to create a supportive, inclusive, and engaging learning environment for students. The MSU SRC promotes students' interests and welfare to ensure a safe and enjoyable campus environment.

The MSU SRC is composed of 18 student representatives, carefully selected from both undergraduate and postgraduate students representing different faculties. It operates under 11 portfolios, each dedicated to specific aspects of student life, ensuring comprehensive representation and inclusivity. With a strong commitment to advancing sustainability, ethical decision-making, and collaboration, the MSU SRC strives to achieve transformative change within the university community and beyond.

The MSU SRC aims to embody the values and objectives of the SDGs through its work. This empowers students to be proactive agents for positive transformation in the university community as well as beyond. The MSU SRC is an important platform for engaging students. It helps to create a dynamic and empowering environment aligned with sustainable development principles and social responsibility.

Our SRC students are actively involved in the decision-making processes within the university, as they are invited to join Senate meetings and faculty meetings by invitation. This participation allows them to represent the student body's interests, concerns, and perspectives directly to the university's governing bodies. By having a seat at these crucial meetings, our SRC students play a pivotal role in shaping policies, initiatives, and programmes that impact the student experience and contribute to a more inclusive and student-centred learning environment. Through this collaborative engagement, the SRC ensures that the voice of the students is heard and taken into consideration, fostering a strong sense of representation and empowerment within the university community.



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The MSU SRC's close collaboration with Malaysia's National Student Representative Council (MPPK) offers a unique and invaluable opportunity for student leaders to grow and develop. By working in tandem with MPPK, the MSU SRC becomes a platform where ideas related to student development in higher education can be effectively voiced and acted upon. This partnership enhances the impact of our initiatives, strengthening our collective efforts towards creating a transformative and enriching experience for all students within the realm of higher education.

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General Roles

The Students and Representatives Council consists of elected student representatives who play leadership roles to represent the interests, concerns, and needs of the students at the university.

Participation and Involvement:
The Students and Representatives Council is involved in faculty and management meetings by invitation.

Organising student activities
The Student Representatives Council organises and coordinates various students’ activities and initiatives to enhance the overall student experience on campus.

Feedback and communication:
Students can reach out to the Student Representatives Council to share their feedback on various matters. They serve as a medium of communication between students and the administration of university management to work on areas of improvement such as academics, campus life, facilities, and student services.

SRC Election and E-Voting
MSU SRC elections take place once a year through the e-Voting system. We are fully utilising technology as a platform for our voting system. From the nomination right up to campaign promotion and voting day, everything is done online. This online process makes it possible to reduce the election`s impact on the environment by minimising resource use, such as paper usage.

Stay Connected with SRC
If you would like to raise an issue with the council or require further help, please get in touch with us at:

Student Representative Council (SRC) Level 4, Management Tower, Management & Science University
E: [email protected]
IG: @msusrc