KelabPenyayangMsu is a club that aims to nurture caring, respectful and helpful MSUrians. We also want to promote among MSUrians the MSU Giving and Grateful culture, as well as Volunteerism culture.

Activities we do

We organize activities in line with MSU’s University-to-Community initiatives, focusing on its five focus groups: 
i. Aborigines
ii. Orphans
iii.The urban poor
iv. Wellness 
v. The environment

Events we organize annually

o Community engagement programmes
o Sahur and Iftar with Rumah Kasih Harmoni
o Hiking 
o Tohor Revolution 
o A day with Penyayang
o International programmes

Who can join

We welcome all Msurians to break solid barriers and build solid bridges by becoming Penyayangs!

Our committee members



Contact Us!

Abby Nur Faiqah binti Mohd Imran (Registration Exco)