Persatuan Mahasiswa Islam

Our Objective

Persatuan Mahasiswa Islam Management & Science University (PMIMSU) aims to:

  • Enhance our understanding of Islam
  • Strengthen the  ukhuwah (bond) between members
  • Empower the efficiency of the organisation management.
  • Organise beneficial programmes for students’ academic and welfare.


Activities we do

We organize activities for all MSU students to promote bonding between the students and creating an ideal Islamic environment in the campus, such as:

  • Sharing sessions/Usrah – Smart Group & Islamic Circle
  • PMI : Kuat dan Berukhuwah – monthly outdoor activities
  • Talk Show – given by speakers from all over Malaysia!
  • Competitions

Events we organize annually

  • Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Smart Group Gathering
  • Celebration of Special Day in Islam – Israk Mikraj, Maulidur Rasul, Awal Muharram etc
  • PMIMSU Family Day
  • Exam Fever : Solat Hajat & Talkshow
  • Community Service

Our committee members

Who can join

We are on a search for individuals who are interested to acquire knowledge about Islam and those who want to instil essential skills in management, leadership and communication.


Come and join us!


Contact us!

Marwan Fathy (President) -  0139994704
Mawaddah (Vice President) -  0134382092