Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.

Healthy oceans and seas are essential to our existence. They cover 70 percent of our planet and we rely on them for food, energy and water. Yet, we have managed to do tremendous damage to these precious resources. We must protect them by eliminating pollution and overfishing and immediately start to responsibly manage and protect all marine life around the world. MSU takes a great responsibility in developing a sustainable future for everyone. We are devoted in empowering MSU community with the awareness, knowledge, skills, and opportunities to comprehend and implement all the SDG 14.

For the 5th year, the university recently revisited its MyCoral series on the fifth edition of the coral propagation programme in the Malaysian state of Terengganu. Beneath the waves, MSU is helping conservation strategies by deploying and maintaining coral propagators in its effort to raise world coral population this side of the globe and support United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG). MSUrians are playing up their holistic skills for the environmental cause, creating eco-awareness and raising eco-friendliness in community engagement and environmental sustainability activities. (

To safeguard our sea turtles, numerous conservation initiatives and policies have been implemented, but we understand that more needs to be done. In order to further boost the local conservation efforts, we have joined forces with the local conservatory. We are determined to address this problem starting with Terengganu. Our ultimate goal is to restore the glory days when turtles would lay their eggs on Malaysian coasts every other day. (