End poverty in all its forms, everywhere.

MSU is dedicated to combat poverty through various initiatives and programs. University anti-poverty programs include support for students from low-income households for both local and international students. MSU also engages with the community with valuable initiative aimed at addressing and mitigating povertyrelated challenges. The total fund allocated for scholarships is RM 30 MILLION per year. In the year 2022, More than 1500 students received the benefit of scholarship. The funds are distributed through various means including collaborative efforts between MSU and several public and private institutional partners. All scholarships, sponsorship and financial aid are offered through the MSU Foundation also Known as Yayasan MSU and the following scheme:

  1. Presidents Scholarship
    MSU’s very own scholarship is one such scheme that has over the years benefited lots of students. This is an award given to students who exhibit exemplary academic achievements and come from an economically challenged background.

  2. MSU Outstanding Rewards Scholarship (MORE)
    MORE or MSU Outstanding Rewards Scholarship is initiated as an incentive to wellrounded students who are excels in academic with outstanding achievement in extracurricular activities and have represented the state or school in any competition.

  3. Joint Scholarships
    Joint scholarship schemes such as Berita Harian, The Star Education Fund and Nanyang Education Fund are some examples of MSU’s involvement in ensuring the less fortunate gets the opportunity to continue their tertiary education at MSU. The scholarship is opened to all Malaysians and ranges from a full to a partial scholarship. The Mou(S) as been signed as early 2004.

  4. Fellowship and SLAB Schemes
    In its effort to train qualified academics to manage the university’s human capital needs and to further enhance its research and innovation activities, MSU offers fellowship awards to local and foreign candidates for graduate studies leading to Phd at MSU. The SLAB scheme, a fully funded internal programme aimed at developing academic staff in their pursuit of higher education, is another effort of the university among its staff development initiative.

  5. Affin Education Financing-I
    MSU also formed a strategic partnership with Affin Islamic Bank Berhad in 2018 through the Affin Education Financing-I, a Syariah-compliant scheme which is designed to help intending students enter all undergraduate and postgraduate studies at MSU.

  6. PTPTN
    The National Higher Education Fund or Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi National (PTPTN) is an agency established under Ministry of Education, where it provides education loans to students pursuing their studies at local higher education institutions. This loan will enable students to pay their fees and their subsistence fully or partially for the duration of their study.

  7. Yayasan MSU
    Yayasan MSU (YM) is a Foundation that seeks to create quality human capital and address issues on social imbalance. It relentlessly champions excellence and vigorously undertakes the promotion of culture of endowment. It provides opportunities, create possibilities and empowers progress for the underprivileged

  8. JPA
    The scholarship will cover local preparatory studies AND can be extended to a local degree upon meeting the required grades set by JPA. Pre-University courses that are applicable include A-Levels, AUSMAT, STPM, Matriculation, and Foundation at local institutions (both public and selected private institutions)

  9. Zakat
    Lembaga Zakat Selangor (“LZS”) was established 20 years ago and synonymous with zakat management in Selangor. LZS plays an important role in complementing the State Government’s poverty eradication effort. And MSU in collaboration with Zakat have sponsored many students from the lower income families.

Anti-Poverty Initiatives for Students and Staff
The university also offers various anti-poverty programs such as the Loose Change Project, an initiative to help students purchase the necessities required by their program of study. Meals on Me is a project provided to students to help them fulfil their daily nutritional intakes. The project was initiated during the Movement Control Order in the pandemic period. To support the sustainable effort and continuity of this project, MSU has now extended the initiative by providing free iftar meals during Ramadhan to students and staff. The university has allocated RM291,340.80 to provide free meals on this yearly initiative that is part of the university’s Ihya Ramadhan program.

Ease the Pain is a collaboration between MSU and its own private specialist hospital, MSU Medical Centre (MSUMC). It provides aid through the Yayasan MSU Foundation to MSU students and staff who experience financial difficulties funding their medical treatment due to their socioeconomic status. Under the facilities of MSU Residence, the university offers accommodation to the students from underprivileged communities through the incentives provided by the Yayasan MSU Foundation. MSU, in collaboration with the Selangor government, has initiated a free Smart Selangor bus stop on campus for, which is available to all students and staff who cannot afford to have their own transportation to campus.

Ihya Ramadhan – Zakat Distribution for MSU Students
Ihya Ramadhan is organised annually by MSU with specific activities targeted for community engagement during the month of Ramadhan. The program emphasizes charitable activities such as zakat distribution and organising food drives for the less fortunate in the community. Continuing the university’s Ihya Ramadan tradition of a 2G culture of Giving and Grateful, MSU, through its Foundation Yayasan MSU (YMSU), presented duit raya and financial assistance, around RM12,991,030, to 600 deserving students in an iftar ceremony held at the MSU Chancellor Hall. MSU provides financial assistance to underprivileged students who experience financial hardship with concerns relating to their family background and socioeconomic status. The zakat distribution helps alleviate the financial burden on the students in need of support for their preparation for the Hari Raya celebration.

Anti-Poverty Initiatives for Local Community Ihya Ramadhan – Zakat Distribution for Orphanages
MSU through the MSU Foundation, Yayasan MSU has distributed zakat to 15 orphanage homes that involve 200 orphans. These children are among the most vulnerable in society and supporting them aligns perfectly with the goal of SDG 1. Through the zakat fund, orphanage homes will be able to provide the children with the essentials of life including food, clothing and shelter. Providing support to orphanages stands out as a practice that exemplifies the values of compassion and social responsibility

Community Outreach Week - Local Community
MSU launched community outreach week to engage with the community to address poverty issues. The community outreach programmes aimed to address issues such as poverty and aid the less fortunate with the shared purpose of cultivating the culture of Giving and Grateful (2G) among the staff and students of MSU Yayasan MSU Foundation has allocated approximately RM247,998 for the composition of providing nutritional food and cash assistance to help the underprivileged community across the states of Malaysia. The provisions were distributed to 500 families involving more than 1000 individual in rural areas in Selangor and other states in Malaysia. Staff and students participated in this initiative to distribute provisions consisting of cash and boxes containing necessities ahead of the Aidil Adha celebrations.

My Neighbours Project
This project is a university social responsibility project that provides short courses to 39 underprivileged individuals around Klang Valley. Among the short courses were frozen lasagna making, roti canai making, makeup and baju kurung workshops, and many more, and they were all provided for free. Several industry partners collaborated to ensure the knowledge transfer went smoothly. The baju kurung short course was conducted by an instructor from Doshi Sewing Machinery; the class on makeup skills and techniques was conducted by a makeup instructor from Sri Sari Spa; and lastly, the frozen food making class was conducted by a chef from Sime Darby Convention Centre. All these classes were conducted at the MSU Malaysia campus.

This initiative empowers the participants from the underprivileged community to use the knowledge gained through the programme to improve their living standards. Through the short courses provided, the underprivileged individuals were equipped with the skills needed for an impressive job prospect and/or to start their own businesses. Improving the socioeconomic status of underprivileged communities is important to support Goal 1 in addressing poverty issues in the local community. 11 participants from the short course training successfully ventured into their own businesses, generating income around RM2000 - RM3000 per month.

Anti-Poverty Initiatives for International Community

Community Outreach Program : International Edition
MSU, through Yayasan MSU Foundation, has conducted a community outreach program involving the international communities in India, Indonesia and Kazakhstan to support and engage with the underprivileged community to distribute provisions through food donation and zakat for financial aid. This initiative is beneficial in terms of developing profound impact on MSU to collaborate with international community to create an inclusive, understanding and supportive society in addressing the social responsibility in reducing poverty issues in the targeted communities.

Winter Project
This initiative exemplifies our dedication to reducing poverty, particularly among vulnerable communities. MSU Cares, in collaboration with an NGO, has conducted volunteer activities in a collaborative effort to highlight humanitarian concerns with the international community. Our engagement encompasses an array of activities aimed at providing volunteers to support the collection of winter clothing and necessities for winter season. This reflects our unwavering commitment to the principles of ensuring that the most underserved populations receive the assistance they need. MSU welcomes partnerships with relevant stakeholders to join the team in a collaborative spirit to work together in developing actions that contribute to a more sustainable, resilient and equitable future for all.