End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

MSU-rians work together to leave no one behind to ensure a hunger-free community. We turn kindness into a charity work to create changes by helping others in the local community. The HopeBox is the initiative carried out to ensure basic food necessities are received fairly by the community of urban poor regardless of their background to put an end to social exclusion through donation. In line with the objectives of SDG 2 – zero hunger, we believe that adequate food supply should be accessible to everyone. Volunteering activity provides small changes that goes both ways -it delivers vital help to those in need and benefits the volunteer to enhance their interpersonal skills and opportunity to connect with the community which can be a great learning experience. The students of MSU actively seek for the involvement in community services as part of their learning experience for various objectives that are beneficial in terms of their academic and interpersonal development. A mong the projects initiated by the students are Food Aid Basket, Barakah Sahur and Project Bubur Lambuk to empower the aspect of community engagement in achieving the goals of zero hunger.