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Explore our Prospectus and other resources to learn more about MSU and life in the university.


International programs at our university encourage you to develop personally and professionally by gaining new perspectives, international experience, and lifelong memories in various countries around the world.

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Learn more about our world class graduate programs focused on learner-centered, discovery-driven, and globally engaged education.

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Explore our various range of research opportunities and join us in discovering a world of potentials.

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Summer Program

Summer Programme

Spend Your Summers at MSU. Explore our courses and programs. Join us at MSU and Choose the summer experience that’s right for you.

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Expand your education and world perspective by spending a semester or two at partner universities around the world and gain experience of a lifetime.

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Looking for a vibrant, friendly, and culturally immersed experience? Malaysia could be for you!

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Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning. Experience your way to an academic degree.

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MSU offers industry in-demand programs that provide flexible and made easy learning assessments that shall fulfil your needs for comprehensive education in your preferred areas of study.

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The Residence

Living on our campus is a great way to meet others and make lifelong friends from all over the world. The Residence is conveniently located inside the campus, within easy reach of all the facilities.

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